9 Unique and Aesthetic Baseblue Products

Baseblue Cosmetics offers a range of seasonal, on-trend, and classic tools and cosmetics. With the focus on the base of beauty, the brand is one of the go-to sources for must-have essentials and the latest beauty trends. Here are 9 unique and aesthetic products from Baseblue Cosmetics.

1. The IVF Collection

The IVF Collection features clean, cruelty-free liquid lipsticks that provide a full-coverage, ultra-rich, long-lasting lip color. The matt finish with moisturizing formula leaves your lips soft and hydrated for hours. The 10% of all proceeds from The IVF Collection’s sale will benefit a non-profit organization Fertility Within Reach with its mission to increase health benefits access for fertility preservation and treatment.

2. Holiday Snowman Makeup Sponge

Holiday Snowman Makeup Sponge creates a jolly glow. This makeup sponge, one of the brand’s limit-edition products, comes with a gold-speckled trinket which can also be a hanging case so you can use the item as a holiday ornament. The sponge’s peculiar shape enhances control techniques and provides a snug grip.

3. The Artistic Eyeshadow Palette

As a memoir for history’s greatest artists and art pieces, Baseblue’s Artistic Collection was created. The Girl with a Pearl Earring, the Artistic Eyeshadow Palette is the collection’s first release. This palette highlights 9 universally flattering, highly-pigmented colors, from bright yellow to warm-toned nude. Create a timeless look and unleash your inner artistry with this cultural palette.

4. AirSponge

With the use of AirSponge, you can flaunt your techniques and effortlessly achieve a sheer, natural finish. Its design is crafted as a solution for any makeup troubles such as smoothing imperfections and correcting uneven complexion to deliver a smooth, uniform look.

5. Ten Years Makeup Brush

Designed with nature, balance, and peace in mind, the Ten Years Makeup Brush is made from black walnut and hard blackwood, combined with eco-friendly, soft bristle. This brush was created to raise awareness of our surrounding environment and the cycle of life. It can be used for blush, powders, and to blend cream foundation.

6. Starling

Starling is a natural glam falsie that accentuates your eye makeup. It adds flair and fulness for a dramatic or fluffy charm. The style of Starling is chic on any eye shape and comfortable for daily wear.

7. The Angel Soft Focus Loose Face Powder

This aesthetic face powder fits perfectly as a unique gift or for your vanity area. With gorgeous detailing and an angelic case, the powder helps absorb excess oil giving a soft-focus, flawless finish to any complexion. This SPF 25 loose face powder keeps your skin comfortable throughout the day, minimizes pores appearance, and even skin tone.

8. Flower Eyeshadow and Blush Palette

A collection of blushes and eyeshadows, from colorful bright red to warm nude tones. The Flower Eyeshadow and Blush Palette with its 5 options for blushes and eyeshadows are ideal for everyday or special looks. This palette’s flower bud-shaped shades are stunningly packaged in the dreamy box.

9. Fruit is Fruit Hand Cream

Formulated with nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin E, this hand cream comes in two varieties of scents — Avocado and Peach. The lightweight outer layer is perfect for immediate hydration while the richly-textured inner layer is blended with organic ingredients that protect and moisturize hands. Its distinctly designed applicator dispenses an imprint of flower petals on your hand.

Having cosmetics and tools that are aesthetically pleasing and unique is fun to use. With their creative approach, Baseblue Cosmetics’ affordable and quality products are always appreciated and adored by all of their customers.

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