Top 4 Tips That Prevents Fresh Herbs From Wilting

Fresh herbs can transform a dish from boring to beautiful with the right selection and presentation. The flavor of fresh herbs is far superior to dried, and it’s so simple to grow at home, but they can also wilt easily. Here are our four tips to keep herbs fresh!

1. Store in a cool, dry place

Store fresh herbs in a cool, dark, dry place. Ideally, the temperature should be at or below 40o F. If you can’t find an appropriate spot for them to sit on your windowsill, that’s fine; make sure it’s not near a window.

2. Use ice cubes

Ice cubes are a great way to keep fresh herbs fresh. Place the ice cubes in a paper bag or plastic container. You can also put the herbs in an old ice cube tray or a terra cotta bowl. They’ll last much longer this way, and you can also use them for other purposes. Ice cube trays are available in different sizes and prices, such as plastic containers at the grocery store or small bowls at the hardware store.

3. Remove the stems

If the stems of your herbs wilt, try removing them and placing them in a freezer bag. Doing this will help keep the remaining herbs from wilting and make removing the damaged leaves easier. If you only have a few herb leaves left, look down through them and pluck out any that are wilted.

4. Use the jar method

This method is great for herbs with higher moisture content, such as Italian parsley or cilantro. To keep your herbs fresh, place the jar in a cool, dry place with a paper bag (or other air-tight covering) covering it. If you want to preserve the flavor and aroma of your herb more fully, remove the bag after a day or two.

These tips that prevents fresh herbs from wilting will help extend their life around your kitchen and help you avoid costly purchases.

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