8 Foods That Make Your Pee Smell

Pee smells bad, right? You know that. What are the worst things you can imagine as your smell magnified. The most horrible of them all – probably pee in a public bathroom.

You’ve always had to be careful when you take a leak and make sure no one is around when you flush, but nobody has to worry about their pee smelling terrible – unless you eat certain foods! These 8 foods are turning your urine into something disgusting.

1. Fish

Fish is yummy, but fishy pee? It happens. Fish is full of uric acid and is particularly high in the urate levels. In other words, your pee will smell fishy if you eat too much, or even just a little bit of fish.

2. Cabbage

Cabbage and other leafy green vegetables are great for you, but they can leave an odor behind…and it isn’t very pleasant.

3. Asparagus

Like cabbage, asparagus can leave a bad smell in your urine. This is one vegetable you should definitely not eat if you want to keep a pleasant odor around.

4. Carrots

The more vitamin A you take in, the more your pee stinks. Carrots are packed with it, so if you’re having trouble finding a romantic mate, blame your orange pee on those carrots! Carbonated drinks can also bring out the worst in you.

5. Corn & Corn Syrup

Corn and corn syrup can give you some pretty bad smelling urine – so if your pee is foul, try cutting back on the corn (cereal or otherwise). The same applies for foods that contain corn syrup (like ketchup).

6. Garlic

Garlic isn’t just a great smelling food, but it also is one of the foods that make your pee smell. Garlic is used in a lot of different cuisines, so you might want to seriously consider limiting your intake of this pungent ingredient if you’re trying to keep your urine odor under control.

7. Yogurt

Yogurt and other fermented foods have a lot of bacteria, it is among the stinkiest foods that make your pee smell. What’s worse is that yogurt gives off ammonia that isn’t easily absorbed by your body. Make sure you eat lots to get the benefits, but avoid being on a high-protein diet if you’re trying to avoid bad things happening to your pee.

8. Milk

The main culprits for 8 foods that make your pee smell are dairy products, especially milk. But why does drinking more milk make you smell worse? When you drink lots of it, your body absorbs the calcium in it, which changes the odor of your urine to a skunk-like smell. This is caused by a build up of skatoles.

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