5 Quick Upper Body Workout Exercises

There are many ways to maintain a healthy upper body but not all workouts include a physical exertion. You can maintain your strength and flexibility by performing exercises that are quick to perform, without any equipment, such as the following quick upper body workout exercises:

1. Push-ups: Push-ups are an exercise that can be done anywhere and is great for strengthening the whole upper body. To do this exercise, place your palms flat on the floor in front of you with arms extended straight. Now push your body away from the ground until arms are fully extended and then slowly pull back down to starting position. Repeat 10 times then switch sides.

2. Bodyweight Rows: This exercise can be done anywhere and it’s a great way to build the upper body. You need to place a sturdy chair nearby and stand with your feet hip-width apart. Lean forward, keeping back straight, step one foot behind you, place your hands on top of the chair, palms down and pull yourself up until your chest touches the top of the chair back. Lower yourself backwards slowly. Do 10 reps and then switch sides.

3. Handstand Push-Ups: This exercise requires a lot of strength. Handstand push-ups can be performed by standing on one hand with arms extended and another foot flat on the floor. The other hand should be used to assist in balance.

4. Mountain Climbers: These moves are great for strengthening the core and abdominal muscles, especially those located in the middle of your abdomen. To do these exercises, start by lying on your back raising one knee into the air and placing foot flat on the floor by lifting it towards ceiling. Then, raise the other leg upwards, keeping both legs straight on the floor. Raise and lower your legs in this manner 10 times, then switch sides.

5. Single Leg Twisting: This is another great exercise for the abdominal muscles and improves flexibility. Start by standing on one leg with arms extended in front of you and the other foot crossed over each other to your opposite side (legs should be shoulder width apart). Twist one knee to the left while twisting back to right.

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