9 Natural Manly Soaps from Dr. Squatch

Sometimes with a nod to pop culture, sometimes with a hint of the exotic but always with attention to detail and using natural ingredients Dr. Squatch make the best men’s soap in the world. Here’s our selection of 9 of the best…

1. Pine Tar

Infused with a scent synonymous with manliness and cleanliness this Pine Tar soap is perfect for every man’s daily routine. Use once a day to feel the freshness of the heavy grit exfoliation from the oatmeal and bask in the comfort of the Shea Butter while the manly scent of the natural pine extract leaves you smelling masculine and clean.

2. Coconut Castaway

Coconut is one of nature’s premium gifts, it contains anti-oxidants, natural moisturizers and as an added bonus it smells like the tropics. This Coconut Castaway soap has all of those properties and more, as the addition of small shredded coconut provides a gentle grit for light exfoliation.

3. Wood Barrel

Everything that makes a good Bourbon good makes this Wood Barrel Bourbon soap a great addition to your shower. Jimmy Red Corn, soothing Brewer’s yeast and an infused scent of patchouli oil, clove and guaiac wood combine to make a masculine smelling soap that has a medium grit texture for mild exfoliation.

4. Eucalyptus Yogurt

Eucalyptus, the main ingredient in so many muscle easing and sinus clearing medications combines with the soothing and super moisturizing properties of Greek Yogurt to bring you Eucalyptus Yogurt, the soap that lifts you up, moisturizes and gently exfoliates. all at the same time.

5. Gold Moss

Natural freshness with no exfoliation, just Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Sea Salt make up the Gold Moss soap, formulated to take advantage of the natural anti-oxidants, vitamin richness and moisturizing properties and leave you feeling fresh, clean and rejuvenated.

6. Cold Brew Cleanse

Cold Brew Cleanse soap, is an energizing blend of caffeine, shea butter and natural coffee grounds. A heavy grit, coffee grounds exfoliant will strip away the dead skin and the caffeine infusion will wake up the pores and rejuvenate the skin, while basking you in an aroma of fresh coffee. Portions of the profits from the soap benefit the Fire Dept, Foundation.

7. Cool Fresh Aloe

A natural cleansing soap, the Cool Fresh Aloe bar will deep cleanse and moisturize your skin, while the healing and soothing properties of Aloe Vera help to calm irritations and leave you feeling and smelling as fresh as a Spring morning.

8.Spearmint Basil

The nutrients in natural Peppermint and the vitamins in Spirulina combine with the soothing effect of Shea Butter in the Spearmint Basil soap to give you a full and fresh cleaning experience with a hint of mint fragrance that will leave you refreshed and clean.

9. Batman

Putting the fun in fundamentally clean the Batman collection helps you feel super (hero) clean while fighting grime. Two soaps, a fun competition, naturally based ingredients and a smell of dark leather. Super soap for heroic cleanliness.

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